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Will You Fly 3D FPV?

Will You Fly 3D FPV?

by DronerJanuary 5, 2015

Details remain sketchy, but it appears Skyzone are releasing 3D FPV Goggles. After offering their successful high-quality FPV Goggles to compete with industry-giant Fatshark, Skyzone are taking the next step by adding 3D capability to their lineup. The current 2D Skyzone model has an excellent feature-set with a built-in dual diversity 32-channel 5.8Ghz video receiver and an integrated head tracker, but if this early photo is any indication, the new model will add 3D capabilities.
The 3D camera and processing are likely to make the biggest impact, especially at the price, which is reported to be $529.00, according to FPVModels on RCGroups. We note there is are buttons labeled “Rec” and “Photo” over by the camera button on the new model, so DVR capability is also likely.
Will you give 3D FPV a shot or is this just another gimmick?
Let us know in the comments below and keep watch on for further details.
Skyzone 3D FPV Goggles rumored

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