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What’s So Great About KISS ESCs?

What’s So Great About KISS ESCs?

by DronerNovember 29, 2014

Multicopter electronic speed controllers (ESCs) play an important role in flight characteristics. It’s not just the flight controller that determines how your model responds to your control signals. Each ESC interprets flight controller instructions to govern the speed of its motor.

Recent years have seen plenty of development of existing ESC systems, particularly in the area of firmware, the instruction set that ESCs follow to do their jobs. For example, BL Heli and SimonK are two popular firmwares. There are various types of ESC hardware, as well, with some systems based on an ATMel chipset and others that use SiLabs chips instead.

Recently, while looking at several types of ESCs for a bench test series we’re working on, we decided to try a great little ESC from the folks at Flyduino, a German outfit. The first thing that struck us about the KISS ESC was the tiny size! You can see in the photo below that these are incredibly small compared to an average 12-Amp Atmel ESC. The next thing we noticed was the price. These are not cheap!
So what features make the KISS ESCs special besides just being tiny?

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