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January 17, 2016

A Drone Ship – SpaceX Style


SpaceX does things differently and there Drone Ship is probably the biggest one out there. Named amusingly, “Just read the Instructions” we can’t help wondering if SpaceX has a button which makes it slowly lift off out of the water to revel something a little more like the awesome Avengers AirShip. (right)

Ok sure it doesn’t fly but it does have a real work application of being right where it’s needed for a rocket to land on. None of the landings have gone according to plan yet, so far there have been 3 failed attempts but this is, in fact, rocket science!

The last attempt was to land Falcon 9 on it after deploying the [...]

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January 8, 2016

EHANG 184 – Your Personal Drone


This is surely any FPV Flyers dream, an octcopter that can carry a person. The Chinese drone maker Ehang has been showing off it’s work in progress at CES this year. Their single seat, self-driving quadcopter is called the Ehang 184 and can fly to a maximum altitude of around 1200ft.

Ehang’s drone is a little bigger than the first one they designed, you may remember the smart phone controlled Ghostdrone 2.0.


> Watch the Ehang 184 Launch Video from CES 2016 on the Next Page<
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June 28, 2014

Remember the Carrotcopter? This Is Much Snackier!

If you have food cravings when you are flying your quadcopter, this may be the perfect solution.
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May 18, 2014

Quick Tips: Good-bye to Bad Vibes

Vibration on your airframe can be a pesky problem and not just because it causes distorted video - the dreaded rolling-shutter or 'jello' effect. Bad vibes caused by unbalanced motors and propellers, dirty or damaged bearings, can trick the flight controller into a cascade of over-corrections that end up in a wobbly flight or even loss of control. If you experience unusually wobbly flight you can de-tune the flight controller to be less sensitive to vibration or to respond less aggressively, but maybe just isolating the physical problem is an easier answer.
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