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Spectacular Drone Footage Capturing The Shard At Sunset

Spectacular Drone Footage Capturing The Shard At Sunset

by DronerDecember 19, 2014

Last week, drone operator Nathaniel Durman filmed some spectacular drone footage capturing The Shard at sunset against the fantastic London cityscape. The shot, as you can see at the end of this article, shows off this iconic London landmark and doesn’t appear dangerous in any way, but despite this, Durman’s flight stirred up controversy.
As The Independent reported,

…last week news emerged about a device, believed to have been a drone, coming close to a plane landing at Heathrow. A Heathrow spokesman said the “unauthorised use of unmanned aerial vehicles in proximity to an airfield is both irresponsible and illegal”.

Thus, the producers of the video have faced criticism for the Shard video. Nathaniel Durman updated his Vimeo page apologising for the stunt, writing, “This video was recorded before the articles about Heathrow came to light. We do not earn any money off of our drone work, this film was not done on a commercial basis. Since posting this video we have received numerous helpful and useful links to learning the regulations set out by the CAA. We won’t be making a video like this again.”The iconic London building, which has 11,000 high-quality pale blue glass panels, was opened to the public in February 2013.
Source: The Independent

Check out the video at the heart of this ruckus HERE.

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