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Skydio’s Drone Vision Tech Will Blow Your Mind

Skydio’s Drone Vision Tech Will Blow Your Mind

by DronerJanuary 15, 2015

According to Adam Bry, founding member of Google’s Project Wing (drone deliveries) and cofounder of Skydio,

“In five years, the notion of a drone crashing will be a weird, foreign thing.”

Skydio avoids treesThis statement seems rather bold, but a look at Skydio’s drone vision tech will blow your mind. Skydio uses rapid analysis of images from a drone’s onboard camera to analyze and understand its environment. This enables it to make intelligent navigational decisions and avoid objects like buildings, trees, and even people. And all of this is independent of off-board systems such as GPS signals.

Skydio’s “drone visual cortex” aims to rapidly analyze 2D camera feeds to learn about the 3D environment around the drone and then match this up with sets of known navigational data and instructions. The cortex then instructs the drone’s flight controller.

But how well can this idea really work? Check out the truly astonishing video on the next page to see a large fixed-wing plane fly itself through a parking garage at high speed, while avoiding obstacles.

>[Video]See Skydio’s mind-blowing drone automation on the Next Page<

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