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In The Shop – May 2014

In The Shop – May 2014

by DronerMay 18, 2014

New Stuff on the Bench

Some new Cobra 2204/28 kv2,300 motors arrived this week. They look like they’ll be perfect to test on a new mini H-quadcopter build.

These¬†might just¬†take the title for favorite mini multi-rotor motors from the good old Sunnysky X2204s. They’re not as light as the RCX 1804s, but the build quality is amazing. Who knows? Maybe they’ll have some kind of dirt-repelling qualities, too.

Sunnysky X2204s, Cobra 2204/28, and RCX 1804 motors

Sunnysky X2204s, Cobra 2204/28, and RCX 1804 motors

I already did a basic comparison of these three motors as well as two other popular choices for little quads and now I get to test the Cobras.

I’m also testing a power distribution component that’s new to me, since the ‘copter I’m building has no built-in distribution and this board has a lot to offer, despite its size. Included on the board are two variable voltage outputs that will hopefully let me dial in a 5v and a 12v option for cameras and other picky eaters.

Naze32 and Mini 3-20v dual-way adjustable voltage BEC and power distribution board

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