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Runaway Drone Goes on an Amazon Adventure

Runaway Drone Goes on an Amazon Adventure

by DronerApril 29, 2014

Chris Newman and Aaron Sorenson had a few heart-stopping moments when the drone they were using to film the ‘Treehouse Lodge” in Peru decided to wander off on its own and explore the jungle. Check out the clip below to see some pretty spectacular footage of the runaway copter and what it captured with its Canon cargo.

Suspending $15,000 of gear above the rainforest is pretty exciting, but when disaster like this strikes, it becomes the wrong kind of excitement.

$15K Aerial Photography Drone Flies Away Into The Amazon Jungle

In the video, you will see the drone hovering just above the trees for a minute or two then moving farther and higher away, beyond vision, before alarmingly descending down to the top of the trees, chopping off leaves and branches as it came into a crashing halt on a high branch.
It was a straightforward assignment turned sour and somewhat comical, with Chris and Aaron finding themselves part of a rescue team on a mission to save one rogue drone in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, a team who themselves were being hunted by a scourge of ferocious mosquitos.
Because drones are not only expensive but also possible fire hazards, it was an extremely stressful situation. Yet as you watch this daredevil drone try and escape its owner, the whole thing somewhat becomes hilarious. And at least one good thing came out of it – the duo were able to see first hand the techniques that were used to build the bungalows they came there to feature as those were used to bring the drone down from its tall perch.
Watch the amazing footage of the whole incident after the jump.

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