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May 29, 2014

BC Tetra 220 H Quadcopter Shakedown Flight

The weather cooperated and I was able to do a test flight with my new BC Tetra 220 quadcopter frame from BC It had no cam or FPV gear on it yet, but it responded really well. The design is quite different from other mini-quads out there. Although it appears bulkier than some of the minimalist designs, it is actually really light and strong.
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May 10, 2014

Mini Multi-rotor Motor Madness

Enthusiast-level multi-rotors in the pint-size category from about 200mm - 300mm motor-to-motor have rapidly become the rising stars in hobby fleets everywhere. They have many advantages over their larger cousins, including reasonable cost, super-tough construction, and mostly, just the sheer fun of flying something that feels so nimble and quick!
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