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Quick Look at the KongCopter FH800

Quick Look at the KongCopter FH800

by DronerJanuary 6, 2015

The KongCopter FH800 hexacopter frame is relatively inexpensive and offers a few nice features we normally expect to see only on high-end multirotors, such as folding arms. The main construction of the frame is sturdy G10 with 25mm tubular aluminum arms. A lightweight plastic canopy snaps into place to protect the electronics.

The frame can be had for $150-200, which is a great buy for the quality, for something in this size category and if you’re looking for something similar, but a touch smaller, there are 450 and 550 class versions in tri-copter and quadcopter configurations.

Check out video of this massive hex in RCTV-UK’s review over on the next page:

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