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NoFlyZone: Positive Initiative or Flawed Fearmongering?

NoFlyZone: Positive Initiative or Flawed Fearmongering?

by DronerFebruary 16, 2015

Zsolt over at Dronethusiast called our attention to a peculiar new project called NoFlyZone. The folks at dreamed up a way to help people with a fear of drones flying over their property to take action by placing their address in a database. Drone manufacturers and operators who have joined the NoFlyZone community agree to integrate the database into their GPS-enabled drones to prevent them flying where the database says they shouldn’t.

The for-profit initiative may mean well, but it does tend to promote ignorant drone-paranoia. It also can’t reasonably guarantee that users who share their address with the company will be less likely to experience drone overflights; most RC aircraft have no GPS systems. Anyway, ordinary manned air traffic and, indeed, orbital satellites are totally unaffected by NoFlyZone.

Of course it would be wonderful if NoFlyZone could just wave their magic database and make your ‘drone problems’ go away, but wouldn’t it be better to just promote responsible flying to operators and the general public?

Then we saw this video, an excellent reminder that sometimes it’s best not to take things too seriously:

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