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Istanbul: DJI Phantom Performs Dangerous Airport Flyover

Istanbul: DJI Phantom Performs Dangerous Airport Flyover

by DronerJanuary 18, 2015

In a bid for the title of “Stupidest Drone Flight of 2015” Istanbul photographer, Aspet Manukyan, flew his DJI Phantom over the active runways of Atatürk Airport, the fifth busiest in Europe. Fortunately, this insanely dangerous act caused no crash, but risked a disaster and gave the hobby a black eye in the process.

To confirm his terrible judgement, Manukyan then uploaded footage captured during the flight to his YouTube channel, but soon responded to public outcry by taking the clip down (screenshot below). Soon after, a copy of the video was uploaded to LiveLeak. You can view that clip at the link at the bottom of the page.


Perhaps Manukyan wanted to create a local version of Postandfly’s unprecedented video shot over Mexico City International Airport, but that clip was highly organized in cooperation with the airport and involved close contact with the control tower and pilots. The troubling flight over Atatürk was done without any official notice or permission!

Manukyan’s thoughtless flight should remind us all how critical it is to consider basic safety when planning a drone flight. NEVER fly near an airport without the sort of express permission and coordination arranged by Postandfly!

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