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FAA Report Clears Hartford Drone Journalist

FAA Report Clears Hartford Drone Journalist

by DronerJanuary 8, 2015

HARTFORD, CT The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) wrapped up its investigation of a report of a drone used to film the aftermath of a car accident that took place early last year. The report revealed the investigation found no evidence of  careless or reckless operation or commercial operation of the drone.

A WFSB-TV news employee who was seen flying a drone on Saturday, Feb. 1 2014 over the scene of a fatal car crash. Officers then wrote a police report based on the incident. The FAA confirmed they were investigating the incident but did not provide any further information at the time. The FAA concluded its investigation on June 6 2014.

FoxCT then filed a freedom of information act request on June 11 2014 to obtain the FAA report on the investigation. The FAA provided that report to FoxCT on December 10 2014. FoxCT

The drone operator, Pedro Rivera, filmed the scene of the car crash with his drone, but was doing so as a hobbyist and was not working on behalf of his employer, WFSB TV, at the time.

You can check out the full story at FoxCT to see the full details, including the investigation documents released under the FOIA application.

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