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Drone vs. Drone: French Team Tests Disabling Tech

Drone vs. Drone: French Team Tests Disabling Tech

by DronerJanuary 24, 2015

No, that is not the result of a hexacopter flying through a tennis net, but part of a test by a French team looking for techniques to capture rogue drones.

If a UAV is flying over an area where it is not supposed to, new laws in many regions aim to penalize those responsible for the flights, but how about stopping the actual remote-controlled or autonomous aircraft? Some popular RC quadcopters like the DJI Phantom and the new Inspire One come equipped with ‘geo-fencing’ systems that use GPS data to limit flight into restricted airspace, but not all drones have this capability. In fact, many models have no need for GPS sensors and besides, geo-fencing schemes can be defeated and they can malfunction. YouTube is full of videos that show what happens when DJI Phantom GPS systems fail.

Philippe Dubus brought a French project to our attention that’s looking into solutions for exactly this problem. Among other RC aerial projects, M.A.L.O.U. (Mission Aérienne Légère à Organisation Unique), has tested capturing quadcopters with a net deployed under a hexacopter. Don’t think it’ll work? Check out the clip:

> Not every capture works out perfectly, as you’ll see on the Next Page<

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