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Alterna Films Uses Drones to Show Vancouver’s Magic

Alterna Films Uses Drones to Show Vancouver’s Magic

by DronerJanuary 17, 2015

Alterna Films‘ 2014 demo reel shows spectacular results are possible with a GoPro Hero camera on multirotors for a cost that helicopters can’t match and in, some cases, cannot achieve. Check out their vision of the Metro Vancouver region in the video at the link below.


“The use of Quadcoptors and Octocoptors add a new dimension and allow us the ability to capture the once thought of ‘impossible shot,’” said Carlo Wein at Alterna Films.

“Not long ago aerial cinematography/photography was out of reach for most clients but with the evolution of technology the Drone has allowed us to dramatically increase the production value we can offer our clients at a very reasonable cost.” VancityBuzz


>[Video] Watch Alterna’s “Impossible” Perspectives of Metro Vancouver on the Next Page<

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