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‘AirDog,’ the Flying Action Sports Camera that Follows You

‘AirDog,’ the Flying Action Sports Camera that Follows You

by DronerJanuary 6, 2015

If you are mainly interested in using drones to capture footage of you doing amazing stuff outdoors and don’t want the hassle of a lot of building and programming, this might be the gadget you’ve been waiting for! AirDog is the flying action sports camera that follows you. Its rugged design is foldable for compact storage and transportation and its main feature is a ‘follow-you’ function similar to the open-source technology from 3D Robotics. The AirDog tracks the location of a wearable remote called a “leash” and will soar through the air while keeping the leash in frame on its on-board action-camera.

James Trew of Engadget had a chance at an early test of the AirDog out in the Nevada desert:

Sitting atop a quad bike, getting the drone in the air is as simple as a few button pushes on the leash. I say that, but actually AirDog’s CEO does it for me. The sun is dipping behind the mountains. We’re literally chasing it. Once the drone is up in the air, I pull away, shoot a glance back to make sure it really is following, then open up the throttle. Quad biking doesn’t need anything added to make it more fun, but knowing you’re getting some sweet video footage really does dial up the enjoyment a few notches. I found myself thinking about what route or maneuvers would make for a cool video, and playing up to the camera. Engadget

AirDog1At $1,500, the AirDog is not a cheap toy, but given its capabilities, its not an outrageous price. The quadcopter sports a multifaceted sensor suite, including GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, magnetometer, barometer and sonar. Those sensors are incorporated in a device that not only can follow the remote leash module, but also supports some sophisticated object-avoidance technology. This may just be one of the coolest Kickstarter campaigns to have beenĀ funded in 2014!

Source: Engadget

Photos: AirDog

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