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January 18, 2016

Neon Drone Racing

Whether you are into it or not Drone racing is here to stay and it’s get colourful. The latest event put on by XDC or Xtreme Drone Circuit was a crazy neon course and it was held at Zappos HQ in where else but the home of twinkling lights, Las Vegas.

Sponsored by ImmersionRC Ltd. & ReadyMadeRC, this event had 2 classes, 4″ Props and Open (with max 6″ Props) and with a $10,000 worth of podium prizes the future is looking of drone racing is looking very “bright” indeed.

>Footage of the XDC 2 Racing on the Next Page<

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January 17, 2016

A Drone Ship – SpaceX Style


SpaceX does things differently and there Drone Ship is probably the biggest one out there. Named amusingly, “Just read the Instructions” we can’t help wondering if SpaceX has a button which makes it slowly lift off out of the water to revel something a little more like the awesome Avengers AirShip. (right)

Ok sure it doesn’t fly but it does have a real work application of being right where it’s needed for a rocket to land on. None of the landings have gone according to plan yet, so far there have been 3 failed attempts but this is, in fact, rocket science!

The last attempt was to land Falcon 9 on it after deploying the [...]

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January 8, 2016

EHANG 184 – Your Personal Drone


This is surely any FPV Flyers dream, an octcopter that can carry a person. The Chinese drone maker Ehang has been showing off it’s work in progress at CES this year. Their single seat, self-driving quadcopter is called the Ehang 184 and can fly to a maximum altitude of around 1200ft.

Ehang’s drone is a little bigger than the first one they designed, you may remember the smart phone controlled Ghostdrone 2.0.


> Watch the Ehang 184 Launch Video from CES 2016 on the Next Page<
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March 16, 2015

Boris B Takes a Vortex For a Rip

Uh-oh! Boris B. got his hands on ImmersionRC's new folding Vortex mini racing quadcopter.
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March 16, 2015

Cold Weather Multirotor Flights Over Norway’s Lofoten Islands

Igor Byrko shared some absolutely amazing GoPro 3+ Black Edition footage of flights over the archipelago in Norway’s Lofoten district. Byrko faced several challenges during filming that not everyone has to deal with. The Lofoten islands are situated north of the Arctic Circle and the flights captured in his video took place in January. That meant he not only dealt with cold temperatures and windy conditions, but some of the shortest days of the year. Check out the video on the next page though:

>I think you’ll agree the result is magical!<
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